BUilding & facility condition assessments

asset condition assessments

energy audits

accessibility assessments

Traditional Asset Management has been executed through silos within organizations, with each department responsible for its own asset type or a specific discipline associated with an asset, and has focused on short term vs long term goals. Based on our experience, this approach results in lost opportunity for asset and financial optimization. We believe that by collaborating with all stakeholders, an integrated strategy will result in a more efficient and effective allocation of capital dollars, while leveraging assets towards the overall goals of the client.

Our team of experienced project managers and site assessment professionals have unparalleled expertise in delivering consistent and defensible condition assessment data that has assisted our clients is securing over $5 Billion in additional renewal funding for their existing buildings.  In addition to our Condition Assessment expertise, our team members have extensive expertise working with clients to utilize their Condition Assessment and other technical data (e.g., environmental, energy, functional, sustainability, etc.) to design and execute capital renewal programs.

The key staff members involved in FCAPX have collaborated on projects for over 20 years ensuring our clients that our team will work together seamlessly to achieve the collective project team goals. Our team members have been involved in delivering Condition Assessments for over 20,000 properties.

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